Wolf and the Crow

Out now on paperback and eBook!

Book 2 of The Ebonsheare Chronicles coming 2022-2023.

The threat of war looms over Ebonsheare. A call to arms is nailed on the door of Astor’s Inn.

Kittara wants a life of adventure, after spending far too long on an isolated farm.

Baire is shunned from the Clan of the Wolf. Loneliness is all that he has known for many winters.

Moreton Crow fled his previous life. But living in isolation with a demented hermit is not how he imagined spending the rest of his days.

Alexander finds himself with no future and no home.

The Cellarman just wants to be free.

This motley crew of a mountain barbarian, a debased Knight, a mixed heritage elf, an exiled cleric and the legendary Cellarman from children’s stories head towards their new futures, with differing motivations. They all hope to put the past behind them.

If only the past could stay that way.

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