Book 2 update and other news

Hi all,

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during these times. Somehow I’ve managed to avoid COVID for now, though I’m sure that can’t last forever.

Book 2 is still coming along, though progress is slow. Still probably have another 3 months worth of work left to finish Draft 2. After that, I’ll take a short break before re-reading and seeing how the book flows. If I’m happy with it I’ll pass it onto my beautiful wife and the edit process will begin.

I really was hoping for a late 2022 release but work and real life has made that nearly impossible, so aiming for a mid 2023 release.

In other news I had the pleasure of joining Brendan and Ally on “The Hungry Gamers” podcast. Episode 294 is out. It really is a great gaming and geek culture podcast that I’ve been listening to for years. We do a slightly belated Christmas in July theme and talk about gaming, movies and a bit of a Q&A with yours truly.

It is available on your podcast service of choice but here are some links: